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Roland/Edirol R-1 recorder


Did anyone test the low frequency response of the R-1 recorder?
Ideally, I would also like to see quasi-impulse response when a very
brief (say 20 microseconds) pulse is recorded without any sound
effects and of course in WAVE mode.

Also, does anyone know if the clipper can be turned off so that I can
use largest possible range with good linearity? (In my applications,
clipping won't happen, and even if it happens, it is always in
unimportant parts of the data that will be automatically thrown away
before data analysis.)

They also make CD-2 recorder, which burns the recorded sound to a CD-R
(or CF memory). If anyone tested these for the above two points, I
would appreciate this info as well.

Note: I see on Roland web site that R-09 has 20Hz-20kHz
freq. spec. but R-1 and CD-2 pages don't have frequency response
speck. But what's more important to me is actual response,
particularly in time domain. (Strange, I know.)


Ryuji Suzuki