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Re: another question on working memory

Hi Flaithri,

Not sure if this is relevant to you but it offers some theoretical
musings on the phonological loop and music:

Berz, William (1995). Working Memory in Music: A Theoretical Model.
Music Perception 12, 353-64.


On 5/22/06, Flaithrí Neff <fn2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear List,

The phonological loop in the Baddeley and Hitch model of working
memory seems to be focused on speech based audio..... is there a
similar component in working memory for non-speech audio?

Apologies in advance as I am new to this area.....

Is mise le meas,

Flaithri Neff.


Rebecca S. Schaefer
Music, Mind, Machine Group
NICI - Radboud University Nijmegen