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Re: another question on working memory

Robert Zatorre wrote:
Suppose you hear a melody, and then imagine it for a while thereafter; would that not be nonspeech auditory rehearsal?

The auditory image of a melody can be "recoded" in a verbal or spatial format. Thus, subjects required to rehearse a melody may not really rehearse a purely auditory (sensory) image.
There is evidence that a purely auditory image cannot be rehearsed efficiently, at least during a silent delay. See:
Demany L, Clément S, Semal C (2001) Does auditory memory depend on attention? In Breebart DJ, Houtsma AJM, Kohlrausch A, Prijs VF and Schoonhoven R (eds) Physiological and Psychophysical Bases of Auditory Function. Maastricht, The Netherlands: Shaker, pp.461-467.
Demany L, Montandon G, Semal C (2004) Pitch perception and retention: two cumulative benefits of selective attention. Percept Psychophys 66:609-617.