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JJCAAS 2006 : Call for paper / Registration

JJCAAS 2006    -    http://www.jjcaas.org
Lyon, France, 18-29 october 2006

JJCAAS 2006 is 3rd Meeting of Young Researchers in Audition, Musical Acoustics and Audio Signal. The goal of this meeting is to enable communication between PhD students whose fields of investigation share common interest. The JJCAAS favor therefore current and future scientific collaborations. Young researchers are thus given the occasion to increase the value of their studies by presenting them to their peers. See http://www.jjcaas.org for details and submission / registration.

Note that the prefered language for communications at JJCAAS 2006 is French, but English presentations are allowed. However, since most presentations will be in French, participants should understand this language to enjoy the meeting.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS AND REGISTRATION IS 15 JULY 2006 : http://www.jjcaas.org/2006/index.php?mi=3.

- The organizating committee of JJCAAS 2006 -

Etienne Gaudrain
Universite Claude Bernard LYON 1
CNRS - UMR5020, Laboratoire des Neurosciences et Systemes Sensoriels
50, avenue Tony Garnier
69366 LYON Cedex 07
Tél : 04 37 28 74 85
Fax : 04 37 28 76 01
Page web equipe : http://olfac.univ-lyon1.fr/unite/equipe-02/equipe-2-f.html