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Re: Pitch Shifting Algorithm

On Jun 25, 2006 Ben Hornsby <ben.hornsby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've had a request from someone in our department for suggestions for a =
pitch shifting algorithm that will be used to shift the frequencies of =
phoneme pairs (e.g. ba-da) into the center range of rat hearing (~8kHz) =
without affecting the temporal cues of the speech stimuli. I'm =
unfamiliar with available software to do this (and pros and cons for =
specific kinds). We do have some commercial software here such as Adobe =
Audition and SoundForge that have pitch shifting algorithms as part of =
their software package. We are hoping to limit artifact as much as =
possible. Would these be appropriate algorithms to use? If not, why not =
and any suggestions as to which software program would be more =

Take a look at Celemony Melodyne -- it's a sound editor
that lets you tune-up the pitch, time, and formants of
monophonic sources.  Review here (of 2.0 -- they're up
to 3.0 now):


If it looks like it can do what you want, try downloading
the demo version of Celemony Melodyne Studio:


or maybe reading more info about the formant processing
part of the program in their manuals:


In the recording studio world, Melodyne is what folks grab
when automated solutions for re-pitching sounds (Auto-Tune,
TC Intonator) don't work.  Good luck,

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