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Request for speech recordings and data

Dear List,
We are working on the development of a model to predict speech
intelligibility performance. The model uses recordings of speech and
noise. These recordings, in combination with performance data obtained
from listeners are used to train the model. We would like to "train"
this model on many sets of performance and stimulus data in order to
improve and validate the accuracy of the model.  
We are in the midst of a thorough literature search in order to identify
existing sets of listener performance data for different types of speech
material. If the data for a particular study were obtained using
publicly available recordings (such as the Auditec recording of the NU-6
or W-22 tests) and standardized background noises with the SNR reported,
we can obtain all needed information from the published article, and we
could replicate the sound files. However, if non-standardized tests or
noises are used, we would not have access to the sound files. 
This is where we would like your assistance:  
If you have conducted and published a speech intelligibility study with
recordings of non-standardized speech and/or background noises, we'd be
very interested in obtaining a copy of the sound files for the purpose
of validating our model. We are also interested in unpublished data if
you are willing to share them with us for the purpose of training our
model.  The sound files must coordinate with listener performance data
obtained with the materials. We are especially interested in binaural
recordings that have been used, if available. In this case, any
additional information about the spatial separation of the speech and
noise sources is needed.
Please feel free to respond off list if you can help - or if you have
any questions.
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Angelique Scharine PhD
Army Research Lab - HRED
APG, MD 21005-5425
(410) 278-5957 (landline)
298-5957 (dsn)
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