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Job Opening at Siemens

Dear List, 

Siemens Audiological Engineering Group is a leading manufacturer of
hearing systems on a worldwide scale. For our headquarters in Erlangen,
Germany, we currently have a full-time job opening in R&D to expand our
Audiology team. The main objectives of the open position are:

- Develop, realize and test fitting procedures for new digital hearing
- Design, supervise and analyze field tests and clinical studies
- Collaborate on audiological research projects, incl. management of
research projects with external partners
At Siemens Audiological Engineering Group, a wide range of professional
opportunities in research and development of hearing instruments await
you, as well as a young, motivated, dynamic team. Through skilled
application of their innovative technological research they aim to
enhance the quality of life of people around the globe.

We look forward to meeting successful applicants for the open position.

For more information on the job opening and the required expertise,
experience and skills, we invite you to visit us on the web at 

cz3, Enter GER40871 in the "Search by job-number" field 
http://www.jobpilot.de, job-number: JA-GER40871

or contact

Volkmar Hamacher, PhD
Head of Audiological Research and Signal Processing Department
Phone:  ++49 (0)9131 308-3370

Please send resumes to

Siemens Audiological Engineering
S.A.T. Recruiting
Mrs. Karen Spanfelner
Gebbertstrasse 125
91058 Erlangen
Phone: ++49 (0)9131 - 308-3314