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Job Opening at Logitech

Hello List!

The Audio-Video division at Logitech is looking for an Acoustic Engineer.
The job description and wish list are listed below.  The location is
specified for Vancouver, WA USA which is just outside Portland, Oregon in
the Pacific Northwest.  We are a small but quickly growing team working on
some very fun and interesting technologies.

Please contact me with any questions or comments.  Resumes welcomed!


Michael Howes
Senior Systems Engineer - Acoustics
Logitech - Audio Business Unit

 Sr. Acoustics and Systems Engineer                                         
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  Job ID:Â WA-000069                                                        
  Would you like to engineer audio performance for leading edge video and   
  audio communications products?                                            
  The Video team of Logitechâs Entertainment and Communications Business    
  Unit is growing. In this position, you will be the audio reference for a  
  variety of audio related research, design, development and implementation 
  Audio Hardware Development                                                
  Research, design, and develop the acoustical and mechanical designs for   
  the audio portion of Logitech USB video and speakerphone communication    
  products. Your goal is to optimize the performance of the audio subsystem 
  within the constraints of the total design, including:                    
  â Defining the mechanical and industrial-design constraints early in the  
  concept phase of the product                                              
  â Prototyping and validating the designs throughout the development cycle 
  by defining and executing appropriate tests.                              
  â Development, selection and testing of the audio transducers (microphone 
  elements and speaker drivers)                                             
  â Developing the mechanical designs for the acoustical boots, chambers,   
  and pipes.                                                                
  â Developing and specifying appropriate manufacturing test procedures for 
  such devices                                                              
  â Analyzing and characterizing competitor, legacy, and new technology     
  audio devices from an audio standpoint                                    
  â Construction of an appropriate test lab within an office facility       
  â Training and educating other engineers in these fields                  
  Advanced Signal Processing Algorithm Research                             
  Research, specification, development and qualification of audio           
  processing algorithms to improve the quality of our audio solutions and   
  to provide expanded audio feature sets. Such signal processing algorithms 
  include acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction, microphone-array     
  processing, etc. The activities include:                                  
  â Interfacing with external companies providing such algorithms to        
  â Writing the audio specifications their algorithms must comply to to     
  match our needs                                                           
  â Validating their deliverables against these specifications by defining  
  and executing on appropriate tests.                                       
  â Actively collaborating with the rest of the video development team      
  including: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing  
  Engineering, Software Engineering, Quality Assurance and Program          
  Management to achieve your goals.                                         
  Skills, Education, and Experience requirements:                           
  These skills are essential to the success of the candidate:               
  â This position demands a professional with experience in a fast-paced,   
  high technology environment with proven leadership and communication      
  â This position requires at minimum a Bachelors degree or equivalent in a 
  closely related engineering field (Masters preferred) with a minimum of 5 
  years of experience in a related position.                                
  â Thorough knowledge of acoustics, electro-acoustics, mechanical and      
  electrical (analog and digital) audio designs                             
  â Analog and digital audio processing (in particular filter theory and    
  design) and adaptive audio processing algorithms.                         
  â Must be a microphone and speaker technology expert                      
  â Proficient at testing, characterizing and profiling audio hardware      
  (electrical and acoustical)                                               
  â Must have hands-on qualification experience (calibration procedures,    
  test procedures, Audio Precision test equipment, MLSSA, Sound-Check,      
  Klippel, and other audio tools, etcâ)                                     
  â Must have excellent problem solving and diagnostics skills and should   
  have intimate knowledge of theoretical signal processing, statistics, and 
  applied mathematics for signal processing (FFT, DCT etcâ).                
  â Must have worked with Matlab before, and have basic MS Windows          
  programming skills including the VC++ environment.                        
  â Must have acoustical simulation and modeling experience using software  
  modeling/simulation tools (spice, Matlab, Mathcad, etc.)                  
  â Absolutely must be self-motivated, self-directed, and diligent; with    
  the ability to operate autonomously with little management oversight.     
  â Must have strong attention to detail                                    
  â Must possess strong written and oral communications skills              
  In addition, the following skills would be beneficial:                    
  â Applied principles of auditory and psycho-acoustics, AEC, noise         
  suppression, beam forming, DSP/Embedded systems                           
  â High volume consumer electronics manufacturing experience â             
  particularly, Asian manufacturing experience.                             
  â System level programming skills (Windows/Linux/MAC), OS Multimedia      
  subsystems (Windows/Linux/MAC)                                            
  This is a Full Time, salaried position that includes a generous benefits  
  package (discount stock purchase, profit sharing, family medical, life,   
  short term disability, long term disability, tuition reimbursement, and   
  more). The position can be located either in Fremont, California or       
  Vancouver, Washington. Travel to both sites, as well as travel to Asia    
  and Vendor visits will be required.                                       
  Audio, acoustics, electro-acoustics, electrical design, mechanical        
  design, analog, digital, audio processing, audio filter, adaptive audio   
  processing, calibration procedures, test, profiling, signal processing,   
  statistics, FFT, DCT, Matlab, VC++, Audio Precision, MLSSA, Sound-Check,  
  Klippel, Bruel & Kgaer, Listen, LinearX, psycho-acoustics, AEC, noise     
  suppression, beam forming, DSP, embedded systems, system level            
  programming, multimedia subsystems                                        
                                                                 Full Time  
   Years Experience                                                         
                                                                 5-10 years 
   Percent Travel                                                           
   Preferred Language                                                       

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