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Re: music mood

Hi Luis,

The Director Musices (DM) program is an implementation of the KTH rule
system and is a stand-alone Lisp program available for Windows, MacOS, and
GNU/Linux documented in [1] and [2] (see
http://www.speech.kth.se/music/performance/download/dm-download.html). In DM
and its Lisp environment there is no support for real time music processing.
The pDM application [3] was developed to provide for real time music
processing (see http://www.speech.kth.se/music/performance/download/) and is
written in pd (pure-data) and is running on Windows, Linux and MacOS using
pd (pure-data) extended.

[1] A. Friberg, V. Colombo, L. Fryden, and J. Sundberg, "Generating musical
performances with Director Musices," Computer Music Journal, vol. 24, pp.
23-29, 2000. 
[2] R. Bresin, A. Friberg, and J. Sundberg, "Director musices: The KTH
performance rules system," presented at SIGMUS-46, Kyoto, Japan, 2002.
[3] A. Friberg, "pDM: An expressive sequencer with real-time control of the
KTH music performance rules," Computer Music Journal, pp. TBD, in press.

Related publications:
R. Bresin and A. Friberg, "Emotional coloring of computer-controlled music
performances," Computer Music Journal, vol. 24, pp. 44-63, 2000.
R. Bresin, "Articulation rules for automatic music performance," presented
at International Computer Music Conference, Havana, Cuba, 2001.


On 26/07/2006 10:07, "Rachel van Besouw" <rmvb101@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Luis,
> There has been some work on the automatic extraction of musical
> expression for the 'Feel-Me' project:
> http://www.psyk.uu.se/hemsidor/musicpsy/index.html
> See for example:
> Friberg, A., Schoonderwaldt, E., Juslin, P. N., & Bresin, R. (2002).
> Automatic real-time extraction of musical expression. In Proceedings
> of the International Computer Music Conference, Göteborg, 16-21
> September 2002 (pp. 365-367). San Fransisco: International Computer
> Music Association.
> It might be worth contacting Patrik Juslin (Uppsala University) or
> Anders Friberg (KTH, Stockholm) to see if any software is available...
> Rachel