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Re: making a sound unrecognizable


You can try some vocoder processed sounds with different spectral
resolution.  You can hear some samples here

AS far as making hybrid sounds with the spectrum of one and the envelope of
another, I think Brian Gygi did some research with environmental sounds
along those lines a couple of years ago.



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Subject: making a sound unrecognizable

Dear list members,

I'm looking for a possibility to change/edit a environmental or at least
natural sound in a way  that it is not any longer recognizable as what
it is, but, however, for doing this with changing as less acoustic
parameters as possible. ;-)  The intention is to use these sounds in a
MMN paradigm and it is important that  both "versions" of the sound are
acoustically as similar as possible.
The main point is that the sound (that can also be a more complex thing
as the sound of a barking dog or a something like that) should be not
possible to be recognized as what it is.

I would be very happy about ideas or would like know if maybe somebody
has already tried something like this?  I would also be very happy about
recommations for software or matlab scripts that could be helpful in
respect to this. For example I'm looking for a way to transfer the
amplitude envelope from one sound to another (I already wrote a matlab
routine for this, but its not yet functioning perfectly fine and the
result is not completely convincing).

So if anybody has a an idea I would be grateful.

best regards and thanks a lot,
Ursula Kirmse

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