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psychoacoustic model for speech

Dear all,
        I am looking for a psychoacoustic model at 8000 Hz sampling
frequency intended for speech signal.

        Can anyone direct me to some publication/standards/open source
code regarding this ?

Thanks and regards,

On Thu, 07 Sep 2006 Stefan Kerber wrote :
>A simple way to measure output volume is to measure the voltage at the input
>of the headphones (for a defined signal, like a 1kHz sine) and calculate
>sound pressure level using the headphones' transfer function. Doing it this
>way should also make it easy to change the headphones between different
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>Betreff: measuring output volume from headphones
>Can any of you recommend a way to measure the output volume/decibel level
> from headphones?  We will be testing participants using auditory music and
>speech stimuli on two different computers (depending on availability of the
>two testing rooms) and would like to make sure that the output volume level
>is equivalent at both locations.  We do have a decibel meter (from Radio
>Shack), but this doesn't seem feasible to use with headphones.
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