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Re: reference needed (ASR)

The statement of the reviewer--that better phone recognition does not mean
better word recognition--is wrong.  It is possible that the reviewer could
support this statement with data from poorly conducted speech recognition
tests like, for example, those conducted with an inadequate number of speech
items, or when mean scores comprise scores of too few listeners.

Christine Rankovic

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Subject: reference needed (ASR)

> Dear List,
> I know that speech recognition is a bit off-topic here, but I don't know
> of a more proper place to ask this. A reviewer wrote to a paper of
> mine that "the fact that better phone recognition does not necessarily
> mean better word recognition is already known, and people have been
> talking about it very frequently. This should be made clear and perperly
> referenced in the paper". Unfortunately, I'm personally sure that I've
> never seen this written down, because it would have saved me a lot of
> work -- but, unfortunately, I had to learned it from my own failures,
> so I'm sure I won't be able to recall any references for this. I'm also
> unable to figure out how to turn this thing into a reasonable Google
> search term (actually, I've just managed to find a reference for just the
> opposite - that "better phone recognition undoubtedly leads to better word
> recognition"). So, if anyone can tell me any paper stating or showing
> results that "better phone recognition does not necessarily mean better
> word recognition", I would be very grateful.
> Thanks,
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