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Re: Multifrequency Tympanometry

Dear sir,
Thank you sir again for answering my questions with patience.
So as RF increases or decreases, is it so that the delta B value becomes zero more quickly or late depending on the RF of the middle ear?
Sir, we were planning to conduct a study on delta B, Delta G, delta theta and RF and establish a normative range for all the parameters in neonates from 1day to 1 month. As we did on few neonates, we noted that the delta B value displayed after the sweeps, is a negative value or a positive value and never showed zero (though the delta B graph crossed the RF estimate line).
for example:
delta B: -0.26mmho (as displayed on GSI after the 2 sweeps)
delta theta: -41deg
RF: 260 Hz
Sir this means that at delta B -0.26, RF is 260, but this is wrong as delta B should be zero to get RF. Then what is the value of delta B is the GSI displaying?
 Then we thought its wrong to take as a range for delta B parameter, as it is frequency dependent value. Is it so sir? How can we refine our paper? I think then its not possible even to take as a range for delta G.
Thank you sir, I would be pleased to know your reply.
With regards,

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