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Re: Multifrequency Tympanometry

Hello Navid and List,

A technical comment:

The resonance frequency is proportional to the square root 
of the stiffness, and indirectly proportional to the square root 
of the mass.


A sphere of mass M on a spring of stiffness (i.e., spring 
constant) S. 

In the SI (système international), the dimension
of M is kg, and that of the spring constant S is N/m 
(Newtons per metre). 

Tne Newton is the unit of force, i.e., of mass times
acceleration, and thus is equal to one kg * m / s^2.

So the dimension of the stiffness S is kg / s^2, and that of 
the square root of (S/M) is 1/s, equal to the dimension of 

Reinhart Frosch.

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[...] Resonant frequency is directly proportional to the 
square of stiffness and indirectly proportional to the 
effect of mass. [...]