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Re: Convolutive feature extraction (Searching for papers)

Paris Smaragdis <paris@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Non-negativity makes sense when one casually talks about it, but it
> is a tricky notion to justify, and even more importantly analyze in
> mathematical terms.  So it is unfortunate that one can't express in
> equations why things work as well as they do.  If one isn't concerned
> with this particular pursuit then non-negativity can indeed be a very
> fortunate venture!

I beg your pardon for not correctly giving the link to

and my most recent paper

Despite of such flaws, I consider myself a casuist rather than a casual person.
You are quite right: The arrow of time is not expressed in equations so far. It
is hidden in the non-negativity of elapsed time.

I blame believing physicists, including the most famous one, for not accepting
this insight. When he uttered "the division into past, present and future has
merely the meaning of an albeit obstinate illusion", these were apt words in a
letter of condolence. However, I hope for a more realistic physics to come.

Yours sincerely,