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Re: PCM IIS audio format

Hi Daniel,
You can find the standard for I2S from Philips here:
(linked from Wikipedia on search for I2S)
For some simpler text you can also look at some datasheets for our
audio DSPs which have I2S interfaces, for example AD1940:
See the section on page 31.
Hope this helps.

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  1. PCM IIS audio format?
  2. Absolute Thresholds with HD 580s


Date:    Mon, 13 Nov 2006 11:41:57 +0100
From:    Danijel Domazet <Danijel.Domazet@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: PCM IIS audio format?

Hi all,
Does anyone know any details on PCM IIS audio format? Any docs or links to



Date:    Mon, 13 Nov 2006 17:19:33 -0500
From:    Patrick Zurek <pat@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Absolute Thresholds with HD 580s

Dear List,

    We've been measuring normal absolute thresholds
with Sennheiser HD 580 headphones and would like to
compare our measurements with any others that are
available. If you have such measurements expressed either
in electrical terms or in terms of sound pressure on a common
coupler, would you be willing to share them?

Given the increasing use of these phones in auditory research,
such thresholds might be of interest to others also.

Thanks for any info.

   Patrick M. Zurek
    Sensimetrics Corporation


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