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Multi-Listener Psychophysics in MATLAB

List members-

I'm posting this, in the rarest of hope, that I can save someone a lot
of time and effort if they happen to be working on a similar problem.
Previously, Aaron Hastings helped me tremendously with his posting on
a MATLAB script for the ISO 532B standard

Our group was looking for a MATLAB based method for collecting user
opinion from 12 listeners in real-time.  What we finally settled on is
a solution from P.I. Engineering in Williamston, Michigan.  They sell
a fully programmable, USB based, Keypad with an LCD screen and
accompanying software development kit.  This allows us to collect user
data from up to 128 users over the USB interface directly into MATLAB
using Microsoft Windows ActiveX commands.

If you are interested, here is where you can find more information...

X-keys USB LCD Keypad:

A photo of the LCD Keypad:

I hope someone finds this useful... please email if you have any questions.

Tony Miller
Motorola Acoustic Technology Center
8000 West Sunrise Blvd, Mail Stop 22-7-F
Plantation, FL  33322-4104
Cell: (954) 605-7982 | Desk: (954) 723-3989
email:  antonio.miller@xxxxxxxxxxxx