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I will just second Jungmee’s comments. I have used SykofizX with the System III for my work and am very happy with it. It does take some programming skills to make full use of its capabilities, but it is relatively easy to figure it out. Most standard experimental designs can be implemented by using a series of “wizards” and the use of those requires minimal programming skills. The software also comes with some predefined experimental files. In many cases, new experiments can be set-up simply by modifying these to suit your needs.






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Hi All,


I would like to know if any of the list members have experience using TDT’s SYKOFIZX software package for System III.  I am setting up a new lab and am considering purchasing this package.  My immediate needs are for Bekesy tracking/audiometry.  However, I would like a software package that would enable me to do basic psychophysical testing such as forward and simultaneous masking tasks. 


Any opinions would be appreciated.


Thanks for your help.


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