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Re: normalization

Dear Shen

I think you are looking for the function Pascalize

from the HUTear Matlab Toolbox

You just need to edit it so that it uses the line

 b=10^(-1.5); 30 dB rule

and the you should be fine.

:) stefan

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shenke wrote:
Dear list,
Could anybody explain to me how to normalize the data from a wave file to 60-70dB in Matlab, with amplitude value 1 correspond to 30dB? To make the question clear, I have some sample wave files, I use wavread in Matlab to read in the data, the data will be between -1~1. Then I want to do amplitude normalization on the data as described above in order to make the data suitable for Meddis Model(Which is non-linear) to process.
Shen Ke