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Re: sometimes behave so strangely

Yes, any music, including 4'33", will play in any background noise. However,
just as with any cocktail-party situation, the crucial point is to make the
SNR acceptable. So, I am willing to listen to 4'33" in background noise as
long as the relative level of the interfering sounds is not higher than that
of the 4;33" silence.


On 12/18/06 9:46 AM, "Brian Gygi" <bgygi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Peter Lennox wrote:
>> Ah! but does the looping (of Cage's piece) evince the perception of
>> musicality? - if so, how many repetitions?
>> regards
>> ppl
> Peter (and all)
> Since Cage intended 4'33" to make listeners aware of the sounds
> occurring in everyday life, in a certain sense 4'33" is always playing,
> no matter where we are or what we are doing.  So it is on infinite
> loop!  Hear the musicality?