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Re: introductory reading on auditory perception

Hi Erin,

I use chapters out of Chris Plack's book 'The Sense of Hearing'. (Lawrence Erlbaum) for precisely this. The book is short, engagingly written, accurate, and up to date -- published 2005. Its also softcover, so reasonably inexpensive and practical for students to buy.


Erin E. Hannon wrote:
Dear Colleagues, I was hoping someone might be able to recommend readings to me. I need to find some good chapters and/or review papers that would be appropriate for a one-shot introduction to auditory perception in a seminar of graduate student who specialize in other areas (i.e., vision, memory, language). Most readings I've thought of are too long, too specialized, or too old. I thought I'd see if anyone on the list has better suggestions. Thanks very much!

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