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New CASA book promotion ending soon

Dear List,

A few months back we announced a 20% new book discount for Computational Auditory Scene Analysis: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications, edited by us and published by Wiley jointly with IEEE Press. This is a reminder that the discount will expire on Feb. 1. The hardback is priced at $89.95, and with the discount the price comes down to $71.96. The discount is available through Wiley's website at www.wiley.com/ieee. The promotion code is 'CASA1'. If you have problems obtaining the promotion price please contact Maria Corpuz at 'mcorpuz@xxxxxxxxx' (phone: 201-748-7668).

This 10-chapter book covers the following topics comprehensively:

  - Fundamentals of computational auditory scene analysis
  - Multiple F0 estimation
  - Feature-based speech segregation
  - Model-based scene analysis
  - Binaural sound localization
  - Location-based grouping
  - Reverberation
  - Analysis of musical audio signals
  - Robust automatic speech recognition
  - Neural and perceptual modeling

There is also a companion website for the book at


which contains CASA resources including sound demos, evaluation corpora, and program code.


DeLiang Wang and Guy Brown