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Re: question on localization with "horns"

noam sobel wrote:
Dear list

I remember once reading about an old (19th century?)
study where "horns" inserted into the ears were used
to improve auditory spatial localization in humans, as
a result of the artificially increased distance
between the ears.
Not exactly what you are looking for, but if you are trying to illustrate that it's easier to localize sounds with more widely separated ears there's a museum in Het *Netherlands that documents early listening devices * for acoustic detection of airplanes.

In particular, look at the extreme examples of horns in

or at http://www.museumwaalsdorp.nl/images/tjechoak.gif . In the back you have widely separated ears, in the front you have a barn owl type of set-up with asymetric ears ( picture from the front in http://www.museumwaalsdorp.nl/images/goerz.gif )


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