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Re: question on localization with "horns"

Dear Noam,

There's the pseudophone, picture here:


Generally used to confuse rather than assist, however.  Invented by Young (1928).

Young, P. T. (1928).  Auditory localization with acoustical transposition of the ears.  Journal of Experimental Psychology, 11, 399-429.



On 29-Jan-07, at 2:34 PM, noam sobel wrote:

Dear list

I remember once reading about an old (19th century?)
study where "horns" inserted into the ears were used
to improve auditory spatial localization in humans, as
a result of the artificially increased distance
between the ears.

I now tried to look for this reference, but failed to
find it.

Does anybody out there know what i am talking about?  
Any pointers would be great

Noam Sobel
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