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Re: question on localization with "horns"

noam sobel wrote:
> I remember once reading about an old (19th century?)
> study where "horns" inserted into the ears were used
> to improve auditory spatial localization in humans, as
> a result of the artificially increased distance
> between the ears.

Dear Noam,

I do not have the reference, but you might be interested in a 'modern'
version (http://web12.v1357.ncsrv.de/index.php?show=10), which is on
display at our 'hearing garden' (http://www.hoergarten.de/, in German).
As a part of their practical training, our students measure several
properties like amplification or improvement in the
minimum-audible-angle (unpublished data).

Best regards,

Volker Hohmann

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