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Re: Robust method of fundamental frequency estimation.

Those who are interested can find the YIN link at http://www.auditory.org/postings/2002/26.html.

You can also find the matlab implementation of YIN at: http://cognition.ens.fr/Audition/adc/sw/yin.zip. Caveats: the implementation calls routines in C ('mex functions') that you may need to recompile for your machine, and the code is hard to read. YIN may be the most effective way to use the autocorrelation approach.

For those interested in the wider issues involved in estimating F0 and relating it to pitch, my review chapters on multiple F0 estimation (http://cognition.ens.fr/Audition/adc/pdf/2006_casabook.pdf) and pitch perception models (http://cognition.ens.fr/Audition/adc/pdf/2005_pitch_SHAR.pdf) might be of use. The YIN paper is at (http://cognition.ens.fr/Audition/adc/pdf/2002_JASA_YIN.pdf).