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Re: MIDI file analysis


Michael Fulton wrote:
> 1. Algorithms to "transcribe" MIDI files into some form which conveys
> either :  melody lines, key signatures, tempo, time sigs, and chord
> progressions etc

Although in my opinion these are a too complex topics to be referred to
simply as transcription, I think the Matlab Miditoolbox
(http://www.jyu.fi/musica/miditoolbox/) might be a first starting point.

> 2. Some "metrics" currently beiing employed to measure musical similarity .

There have been publications dealing with musical similarity in the
proceedings of ISMIR and MIREX (http://www.ismir.net/)
Naturally, all these metrics will depend on the definition of musical
similarity, and on the ability to (automatically) extract the required
information from MIDI or audio.


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