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Re: Robust method of fundamental frequency estimation.


I was wrong, the cochlea model you and Slaney describe in "On the
importance of time - a temporal representation of sound" DOES include
half-wave-rectification. My fault was to assume that it was fine to
replace in Slaney's Auditory Toolbox examples of pitch estimation the call
to the LyonPassiveEar function by a call to the ERBFilterBank function,
which does not include HWR. I did not realize that the former included
half-wave-rectification. I apologize for the mistake.

However, what I said about the equivalence of applying a summary
autocorrelation to the output of a orthonormal linear filterbank and
applying autocorrelation to the input signal is still true, it just does
not apply to your model, because of the HWR.


> I recommend you google up "On the Importance of
> Time," a chapter that Slaney and I wrote on how
> these models work.  An open issue in this class of models is how best to
> summarize and pick a pitch from the correlogram; a study like you've done,
> but applied to this different domain, would be interesting to see.
> Dick


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