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Re: Probably out of context - struck plates question

Hi Eliot,

I am not sure if it is of interest to you, but I have spectrograms of the
sounds recorded from when I dropped a set of rods onto a floor.  I have
them for various lengths, materials, diameters, and drop heights.
Unfortunately, no plates though - only rods (13 mm, 16 mm, and 25 mm in
diameter). And I haven't made any attempts to map out the modes, relative
levels of harmonics, etc.  Let me know if they are of any interest.

I have set the reply address of this email to my home address.  I will be
away from work for the next couple week, so you will probably get a quicker
response by replying to that address (bck@xxxxxxxx).



AUDITORY - Research in Auditory Perception <AUDITORY@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
on 02/22/2007 12:11:55 PM:

> Hi all
> this is probably not relevant to list members  but i thought it
> worth a shot...
> Basically I'm wondering of anyone has seen any papers which have
> looked at the spectra/energy of the first moments of a struck object
> such as a plate.
> Not the ongoing complex decay information really, just a
> amplitude/frequency plot of that first reaction, such as something
> which has mapped out the various modes going on and their relative
> levels in relation to the fundamental (not so much the "bang" of the
> strike/impulse).
> Make sense? i hope so...
> im finding two types of informaiton out there:
> high level calcualtions for modal analysis (for the acousticians),
> and lots of theory on physical modelling... but what im hoping for
> is just a bit of analysis from an actual (or virutal) struck 2d object
> any directions, papers, examples much appreciated.
> thanks all
> Eliot