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Re: Probably out of context - struck plates question

Hi Eliot,

in my thesis I extract two descriptors from the first 10 ms of several struck plates signals: "overall energy" (attack loudness), and "central tendency" (attack spectral centroid). I also report the same analyses for simulated struck bars (www.soundobject.org). You can find the thesis on my web page.

Let me know if this helps.



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Eliot Samuel Palmer wrote:
Hi all

this is probably not relevant to list members  but i thought it worth a shot...

Basically I'm wondering of anyone has seen any papers which have looked at the spectra/energy of the first moments of a struck object such as a plate.

Not the ongoing complex decay information really, just a amplitude/frequency plot of that first reaction, such as something which has mapped out the various modes going on and their relative levels in relation to the fundamental (not so much the "bang" of the strike/impulse).

Make sense? i hope so...

im finding two types of informaiton out there:

high level calcualtions for modal analysis (for the acousticians), and lots of theory on physical modelling... but what im hoping for is just a bit of analysis from an actual (or virutal) struck 2d object

any directions, papers, examples much appreciated.

thanks all