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Re: harmonic vs. inharmonic sounds (one last time)

Dear Erik and others,

Erik Larsen asked:

"without having read the papers, I wonder how you can conclude that pitch
shift induced by a drug rules out _any_ pitch extraction mechanism."

1) The interval of the pitch shift caused by carbamazepine increases with
frequency. This is documented minutely over the range of six octaves. The
details are such that they are not compatible with any imaginable concept of
pitch extraction via a ' "harmonic sieve" or template '.

2) The drug changes neural activity in the CNS, but it is unable to rewire
neural interconnectivity within the few hours between drug taking and full
effect of the pitch shift. Thus it is unable to change tonotopic order of
any kind anywhere in the brain.


Martin Braun
Neuroscience of Music
S-671 95 Klässbol
web site: http://w1.570.telia.com/~u57011259/index.htm