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Call for volunteers for web-based music labeling game

In an effort to collect some subjective ground-truth data about the
words people associate with musical sounds, we have put together a
web-based 'game' that involves labeling music clips with words that
other users would agree with:


The descriptions collected from this site will be useful for
evaluation of automatic music description and information retrieval
tasks; if the experiment is successful, we hope to make the data,
along with our analysis, available to the music-ir community.

Participation is completely voluntary and you can make as many or as
few judgments as you choose -- every data point is valuable.  The only
personal information we'll associate with your descriptions is the
username you select.

To comply with our institutional human subjects policy, participation
in this experiment is limited to fully-functional adults.  Even though
teenagers are probably the most knowledgeable community when it comes
to describing the intricacies of the sub-sub-genre of the week, we
have to ask that no-one under the age of 18 participate!

Thanks for your help, and look forward to the exciting results.

Michael Mandel, Columbia University
Dan Ellis, Columbia University