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Re: environmental non-noises


I did a study a few years ago with a version of chimerical environmental sounds, which had the long-term spectra of one sound and the envelope of another. They were very interesting - they sounded like they should be something, but it was hard to tell what. I can send you some code for making those if you like


Honbolygó Ferenc wrote:
Dear List members,

We are currently working on an experiment about the semantical processing of environmental noises. We are trying to do a similar task as the lexical decision task with words and nonwords, but with environmental noises and "non-noises". The problem is that we have a hard time creating non-noises which are quite environmental noise-like, but are not recognizable. We tried almost every distortion methods used in the literature (reversing, spectrally-rotating, scrambling the parts) but the sounds are always pretty much recognizable by most people.
Does anyone have any idea on how to create such non-recognizable non-noises based on existing environmental noises? Or is this idea just not feasible, because people will always think that what they heard is something real?
Ferenc Honbolygó