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Job Announcement - Behav. Res. Tech Co-ordinator

The following job posting for a Behavioral Research Technical 
Coordinator in a great small Canadian University on the East Coast 
may be of interest.  Deadline for receipt of e-mailed applications 
(employment@xxxxxxx) is April 4th. This is a 3/4 time position, 
allowing time  then for one's own research or other activities.

Some relevant material is provided below but see the Human Resources
web-site for more complete details at:

Also, for even more information about the position or the setting,
feel free to contact: Annabel Cohen: acohen@xxxxxxxx


 University of Prince Edward Island invites applications for an 
exciting position of Behavioral Research Technical Coordinator for 
the project entitled "Institute for Interdisciplinary Research in 
Culture, Multimedia Technology, and Cognition (CMTC)". The goal of 
the project is to determine the best use of multimedia in education 
within a cultural context.  

The following equipment furnishes a new behavioral research 
laboratory: eye movement recorder, 64-channel  EEG/ERP recorder,
psychoacoustic (TDT) and visual psychophysics stimulus generation and
response collection, sound attenuated testing rooms, audio speaker 
array and MIDI input devices.  A multimedia classroom of computers is 
also available for stimulus presentation and response collection from 
10 respondents (or more through networked classrooms and 
videoconferencing).  Another major part of the infrastructure is a 
digital library which provides some of the stimuli for studies and is 
also a repository for data.

The funding agency requires that the position focus on developing
research readiness of the infrastructure. 

The incumbent is the primary resource with respect to implementing 
the behavioural research equipment listed above for use by members of 
the CMTC Research Group. The incumbent will also co-ordinate with 
other technical personnel who are developing the Digital Library. The 
project is multi-institutional. The majority of the behavioral 
research is being conducted at UPEI where the position is based.

Advanced degree (Masters level + experience, Ph. D. Preferred) in
cognitive science or related field (e.g., psychology, neuroscience,
linguistics, computer science, anthropology, cultural studies,
education, engineering, sociology, biology, information sciences) and
evidence of providing technical support for scientific research.  The
person would possess strengths in current behavioral/ neuroscience
research instrumentation and methodology, electronics, computer
technology, and quantitative skills, and would have a record of
establishing behavioral/cognitive science research instrumentation.
Familiarity with statistical analysis procedures and concepts is
important. Organizational and management skills, interests in media
perception and cognition, and interface design would be regarded as
assets. Bilingualism (French or Spanish in addition to English),
experience with e-learning, international/multicultural activities, 
audio technology, video or music non-linear editing and MIDI would 
all be regarded as assets.

 The project has been made possible with financial contributions from
Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canadian Culture On-Line Program, 
ACOA (PEI), the University of Prince Edward Island, the University of 
New Brunswick (UNB), Université de Moncton (UdeM) and a partnership 
agreement between UPEI and IBM. The project is led by UPEI.

All interested applicants are encouraged to apply.  In accordance 
with Canadian immigration requirements, all qualified candidates are 
encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent 
residents will be given priority. UPEI is committed to the principle 
of equity in employment.

Annabel J. Cohen, Ph. D.
Department of Psychology
University of Prince Edward Island
Charlottetown, P.E.I. C1A 4P3  CANADA
e:mail acohen@xxxxxxx
phone: (902) 628-4325  office;  (902) 628-4331  lab
fax: (902) 628-4359