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[Call] Sound and Music Computing in Europe: the Workshop

Apologies for cross-posting

Please notice that all the participants will be given the opportunity
to present SMC-related project submissions in view of the upcoming ICT
call. This is a unique occasion to get feedback from people from
the commission. If you wish to present one (or more) of your submissions
please send your slides (.pdf or .ppt) to finalevent@xxxxxxxxx The
deadline to apply is Friday 13 at 17.00. 

Sound and Music Computing in Europe: the Workshop

organised by the Future  and  Emerging  Technologies  -  FET-Open  (F2),
European Commission, Information Society and  Media  Directorate-General
in collaboration with the S2SÂ Coordination Action - FET-Open FP6-03773

April 16 2007, Tour Madou, Place Madou, 1 Bruxelles

Sound and Music Computing (SMC) is  a  highly  interdisciplinary  domain
that is at the core of  the  ICT-innovation  in  cultural  and  creative
industries of modern Europe. Sound and Music Computing has inherited the
glorious   artistic,   scientific   and   technological    history    of
Electroacoustic and Computer Music  which  it  expands  into  innovative
realms such  as  artificial  cognition,  neurosciences  and  interaction

This Sound and Music Computing Workshop is the first  occasion,  in  the
European Context, to show to a composite  public  the  achievements  and
results of a highly interdisciplinary domain such as that of  Sound  and
Music Community. The workshop will be the occasion for the launch of the
SMC   Research    Roadmap    written    by    the    S2SÂ    Consortium
(http://www.soundandmusiccomputing.org/roadmap)  and  targeted  at   the
growth and expansion of the community at  large.  The  Sound  and  Music
Computing Workshop will provide an occasion to meet the key  researchers
in this field and catch  a  glimpse  of  what  medium  and  longer  term
research will bring to cultural and creative industries.

True to its interdisciplinary nature,  the  Sound  and  Music  Computing
Workshop  will  include   scientific   presentations,   policy   maker's
guidelines, roadmapping discussions and even a musical performance  with
new and extraordinary instruments. This broad range of activities of the
Sound will appeal to a wide public ranging from the research  specialist
to the curious  layman,  from  the  R&D  engineer  to  the  contemporary

In view of the upcoming ICT call for  projects,  this  Sound  and  Music
Computing Workshop will also be open  to  presentations  of  SMC-related
project submissions. Interested parties should submit  their  slides  in
Adobe   Acrobat   (.pdf)   or    MS-PowerPoint    (.ppt)    format    to
finalevent@xxxxxxxx (4 slides maximum including  the  cover  page).  The
deadline for submission is Friday April 13th, 2007 at 17:00.

The participation to the Workshop is free of charge but  a  registration
is required. To register, please go to the registration page
and register. The deadline for registration is Friday April  13th,  2007
at 17:00.


     * 09:00-12:30:
           o SMC Workshop Mission Statement
           o FET-Open Head of Unit Opening (to be announced)
           o EC Commissioner Discourse (to be announced)
           o S2SÂ Roadmap Launch
           o Invited Speakers:
                 + Prof.Isabelle Peretz on SMC Research in Canada
                 + Prof.Shuji Hashimoto on SMC Research in Japan

     * 12:30-14:00 Buffet Lunch

     * 14:00:17:30
           o Presentations by European key players
           o Short presentation of upcoming research project submissions
           o Live Performance (ReacTable Quartet, 30-45 Mins.)
           o Conclusions on future calls, with  indications  for   
             2009-2010 Strategic Objectives inclusions

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