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Re: reaction time measures

Check psychopy (http://www.psychopy.org/) (for visual presentations)

If you do not mind programming, python/pygame is good enough for many experiments.

It is difficult to ensure than you have millisecond precision on each trial because non real-time, pre-emptive operating systems like Windows or Linux can switch to other processes and create latencies ( i.e. delays in stimulus delivery or detection of button press). But this is not often a difficulty in practice. First, you can check for latencies in your program, second the variance of human subjects' decision times is typically order of magnitude larger than the variance in the timing of the computer.


2007/6/7, Hornsby, Benjamin Wade Young <ben.hornsby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


Sorry if this is not a relevant topic for the list. I am interested in doing a visual reaction time task where subjects respond when a simple visual stimulus is presented on a computer screen. I'm looking for accuracy within ~5-10 ms and I'd like, if possible, to make this portable and use a laptop computer without having to drag along any external hardware for running the experiment. Does anyone know of existing software that could do this? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.


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