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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 11 Jun 2007 to 13 Jun 2007 (#2007-131)


Regarding Reaction Time measures, I don't have the old e-mails, but here is further info about Cogent (quoting from the manual):

The complete Cogent 2000 distribution (which includes plus the Cogent 2000 graphics library) is available from


Cogent 2000 is a MATLAB Toolbox for presenting stimuli and recording responses with precise timing. It comprises of high-level MATLAB commands that may call robust low-level functions. A stand-alone library of graphics functions is also available allowing the user to present sophisticated graphical stimuli from MATLAB. Cogent 2000 provides a flexible and user-friendly environment for the design of a wide variety of experiments. The manipulation of graphics, sound, keyboard, mouse, joystick, serial port, parallel port, subject responses and physiological monitoring hardware are facilitated, all with accurate timing and synchronisation. For fMRI, Cogent 2000 can be configured to receive synchronisation pulses from a scanner allowing experimental timing to be tightly coupled with image acquisition.


Kathleen Smith