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Re: MH Acoustics: Eigenmike

While we have not used the eigenmike(TM), we have developed spherical and hemispherical mikes on our own over the last several years. This is an exciting area of research and we think their use will continue to grow.
Our recent work has been to use them as "acoustical video cameras" --- essentially capturing the distribution of sound energy arriving from various directions at different frequencies, and displaying these as live images.
Our group has several publications related to them (most are downloadable here).
In particular Zhiyun Li did a Ph.D. thesis on these which may be accessed at
Ramani Duraiswami, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Computer Science and UMIACS
University of Maryland, College Park

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I am curious to know if anyone in the binaural hearing research community has ever used the MH Acoustics Eigenmike for an experiment.  It seems like it would be infinitely useful for recreating accurate 3D sound fields, yet I have never seen a publication referencing it's use.  Am I not looking in the right place, or has it simply not been adopted as a standard tool yet?


Any insight is appreciated.


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