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AW: [AUDITORY] Theory of Timbre Perception

I'm a little confused. As far as I recall timbre is defined as 
"...an attribute of auditory sensation in terms of which a listener can judge that two sounds are similarly presented and having the same loudness and pitch are dissimilar.?

So pitch would actually have nothing to do with timbre. So could you please shed some more light on what you are after?
Hannes Löschke

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Betreff: Re: [AUDITORY] Theory of Timbre Perception

> As the term psychoacoustics has evolved into perception and cognition, I 
> would place timbre on the 'cognition' side of this process, that is, it 
> doesn't exist except as interpreted by the brain.

That's actually what I was interested in. For example, there are various 
theories of pitch perception (Place, Timing, Pattern). What I was asking 
is, are there any equivalent theories regarding timbre perception.

When you say "the 'cognition' side of this process", where does this begin?



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