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PhD thesis on "Timbre perception and object separation with normal and impaired hearing" (Re: Theory of Timb re Perception)

Dear list,
in the last 4 years I wrote my PhD on timbre perception - @Chris: yes, it IS difficult to find something under the name "timbre". Timbre is multidimensional, and research is either done on classification with multidimensional scaling techniques etc (e.g. by Grey) or under the names of some timbre dimensions like "brightness", "roughness", "percussiveness"...
In my PhD you find summaries of old research, new experiments, modeling and theoretical thoughts on timbre perception and object separation, in normal hearing and hearing impaired subjects. I don't know, on which level you are interested on the PERCEPTION, Chris, maybe the thesis helps a little in finding what you are looking for.
The thesis can now be found at:
Good luck and wishes,
On Mon, 6 Aug 2007 13:15:43 +1000, Chris Share <cshare01@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I'm looking for information related to the mechanism of timbre perception in human listeners. I realise that timbre perception relies on the 
perception of loudness and pitch, however I'm having trouble finding anything that specifically addresses the theory of timbre perception (am I 
Googling in the wrong places?). I'm not interested in articles on how listeners classify timbre.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Suzan Emiroglu
Sektion Medizinische Physik
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