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absolute pitch, tone language and genetics P.S.

Dear all,

Sorry I forgot to give the direct access to the articles I just referred to - here it is:

Deutsch, D., Henthorn, T., Marvin, E., & Xu H-S. Absolute pitch among American and Chinese conservatory students: Prevalence differences, and evidence for a speech-related critical period. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2006, 119, 719-722. [PDF Document]

Deutsch, D. The enigma of absolute pitch. Acoustics Today, 2006, 2, 11-19. [PDF Document]

Henthorn, T. & Deutsch, D., Ethnicity versus Early Environment: Comment on 'Early childhood music education and predisposition to absolute pitch: Teasing apart genes and environment' by Peter K. Gregersen, Elena Kowalsky, Nina Kohn, and Elizabeth West Marvin (2000). American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A, 143A:102-103, 2007. [PDF Document] [Web Link]


Diana Deutsch