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Re: HC selectivity ... was Re: Physiological models of cochlea activity - alternatives to the travelling wave

Hi Dick and others,

Martin, how can one make, test, or communicate theories about a complicated system without models? Or is "mathematically formulated" meant to limit your complaint to a particular class of cochlear models? If so, can you explain more clearly what class that is, or what the alternative formulation is?

Dick, it simply is a waste of time to model impossibilities. The alchemists of the Middle Ages had the most fantastic models of how to make gold from other metals. There was no shortage of models. There was a lack of insight.

Do you really not believe in the travelling wave?

First, I believe in nothing. And I would not advise anybody to believe anything in science.

Second, the traveling wave in the mammalian cochlea is an established fact. Thirteen years ago I published a detailed review suggesting what the function of this traveling wave probably is. Since then all published data have been in full agreement with that suggestion.



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