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Re: Cochlea Amplifier models : a new list

I have now seen that the paper can also be downloaded:


The data that you had requested are in Figs. 7A-D and Fig. 8, the most crucial ones being in Figs. 7A and 7B.


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I'm still not clear on which data you're referring to. As I said, I can't access that paper with the Figure 7B. Is that the one whose data you're referring to? Can you (or Erik) send me a copy please?


At 9:55 PM +0200 10/11/07, Martin Braun wrote:

the neural data are not missing. You spent many words on data that you could not find in your library, and even questioned if these data exist. This is not science! Erik Larsen apparently has found the data. Please ask him if the data exist.

By the way, nobody has suppressed THESE data. The were published in a top journal. The problem is that Ruggero and others have chosen not to include them in their reviews of the relation of BM vs. neural behavior. And guess: WHY could they have chosen not to include them ???