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OT: email format

There are some formating issues with how the digest sends out postings. This is not my area of expertise but I am told by an IT person that it's a combination of the sender and the way the digest-maker works.

It can look like this:

Cochlea", Physiological Review 81, 1306-1352; the upper part of=20
14 shows data of Russell and Nilsen on guinea-pig BM=20
 versus cochlear longitudinal position x_a in response to 15-kHz=20
 sinusoidal tones; x_a, the distance from the apex, ranges from=20
to 17 mm; BM length is about 19 mm; so x_b, the distance from=20
base, ranges from about 2 to 5.5 mm. At sound pressure levels=20
of 15, 20, 25, ... , 60, 70 dB there is an active peak at about=20
x_a =3D=20
14.47 mm. At SPL =3D 55, 60, ... , 90, 100 dB there is a passive=20
at about x_a =3D 15.86 mm. At SPL < 55 dB no data are shown in=20
 passive-peak x_a-region.=20

For visually impaired readers, or others who have text to voice readers, this is problematic.

Best wishes