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Careers after music psychology

Dear colleagues,
If you teach music psychology, please help us document "Careers After
Music Psychology" (CAMP) by forwarding this text to your ex-students.

If you have studied music psychology at any time (even if just one
unit), we would be grateful for about 20 minutes of your valuable time
to fill in an internet questionnaire. The questionnaire aims:
* to document the careers of ex-students of music psychology 
* to inform current students of music psychology about career
* to develop career-oriented strategies for teaching music psychology 
* to promote music psychology among potential employers 

We would be grateful for your participation regardless of whether or not
your current occupation involves music or psychology in any way. Whether
you participate or not, please also help us find participants by
forwarding the address of this website to friends and colleagues who may
have studied music psychology.

The questionnaire is at: 

Yours sincerely,
Richard Parncutt and Margit Painsi, University of Graz, Austria 
Nicola Dibben, University of Sheffield, England