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Devices for recording and impulse response measurements (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE

We are considering the purchase of a portable recording system that can
also be used to record transient sounds and to record impulse responses
(using an MLS signal to elicit the response). 

Our previous system was unsatisfactory due to poor human factors of the
software interface. 

This device needs to be portable enough to be used for outdoor
measurements and recordings. It needs to allow for stereo input
(recording through a KEMAR manikin). It should be able to handle very
low frequencies (ideally down to 1 Hz). It needs to be able to record
very loud sounds like gunfire - at least up to 140 dB SPL. 

Data analysis tools (basic ones like FFTs and sound pressure level
measurement) should be available in the same program that does the
recordings so that real-time information can be accessed. 

If you have, or know of a system that is easy to use and has worked well
for you, please share it with us!

Anyone can do any amount of work, provided it isn't the work he is
supposed to be doing at that moment. -Robert Benchley

Angelique Scharine PhD
Army Research Lab - HRED
APG, MD 21005-5425
(410) 278-5957 (landline)
298-5957 (dsn)
(410) 278-3587 (fax)

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED 
Caveats: NONE