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BM motion

Can I get some help with BM motion.

The concept of the traveling wave on the BM has been well documented. Now suppose I sit on the BM at a frequency CFm greater than a particular CF. Let the input at the stapes be F1 with a magnitude of A1. I get an output (deflection) at CFm say Def1. If I change the magnitude from A1 to 2*A1 I get an output Def2. Because of the non-linearity the ratio of the outputs is not linearly related to the ratio of the inputs. But suppose the second input is at another frequency say F2 and I adjust its input magnitude so that the deflection at CFm is the same as for the F1 case and in addition. The first case is as if I had two identical inputs at the stapes. In the second case I have two different frequencies at the input each of which gives individually the same deflection.

Can I assume that the non linear effects will be the same so that as far as the measurements at CFm are concerned I cannot tell the difference between the two cases ??

My conclusion is that I cannot tell the difference!!


-- Fred Herzfeld, MIT '54 78 Glynn Marsh Drive #59 Brunswick, Ga.31525 USA