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Re: Sound cards for psychoacoustics

This question came up a few months ago, and I believe the consensus was that M-Audio, Edirol, Echo and Tascam were quite good brands, and that SoundBlaster should be avoided.  See previous thread "advice on equipment (headphones, microphones, sound cards)" for more details.


On 13 Nov 2007, at 10:45, Lopez-Poveda, Enrique A. wrote:

Dear list members,

I would appreciate some advice on sound cards. Our aim is to perform psychoacoustical experiments with a standard PC equipped with a sufficiently good sound card. Ideally, the sound card should have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio at the headphone output and be accessible (programmable) from Matlab. Any recommendations would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

- Enrique A. Lopez-Poveda

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