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Re: BM motion

At 4:08 PM +1100 11/14/07, Matt Flax wrote:
Travelling waves have no mechanism for high side suppression...
it is simply not possible.

That assertion continues to puzzle me, though I agree that the full account of suppression needs more than just the local nonlinearities of the travelling wave interacting with OHCs. There will be some high-side suppression with that alone, but you'll get more if you model the control of OHCs by efferent feedback, a necessary part of a "complete" cochlear model.

Clearly in the literature [1] last paragraph for example ... here
is an excerpt :
... neither models nor experiments have yet answered what
is perhaps the central question of mammalian cochlear
physiology, namely, the origin of the CF specificity of
two-tone suppression and other mechanical nonlinearities.

I agree with Mario that the "origin" remains insufficiently explained, but that doesn't make the "effect" hard to model. Some insight into such models might be gained from some of my old papers: