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Northwestern Communication Sciences & Disorders PhD Program

Dear List:


There exists excellent opportunities for doctoral studies in basic and clinical speech, language, and hearing sciences at Northwestern University.  Please alert those who might be interested.






Patrick Wong

Assistant Professor

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Northwestern University  (847) 491-2416 (phone)

2240 Campus Drive        (847) 491-2429 (fax)

Evanston, IL 60208        FSB 3-365 (office)

Email: pwong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Webpage: http://www.soc.northwestern.edu/wong/index.html


University: Northwestern University, IL, USA


Department: Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Job Rank: Graduate (Doctoral) Fellowships


Specialty Areas:  Auditory Physiology/Neuroscience, Bilingualism, Cognitive Neuroscience, Complex Systems, Language and Learning Science, Psychoacoustics, Psycholinguistics, Speech Perception, Speech and Swallowing Physiology, Neurolinguistics, Translational Research.


The Roxelyn and Richard Pepper Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University invites applicants for fully funded (tuition + stipend) doctoral fellowships in interdisciplinary research in communication sciences.  As a founding department of the discipline of communication sciences, our program consists of basic and translational/clinical scientists performing cutting-edge research. 


Some of the research questions being addressed by the faculty include:


1.  Neural bases of reading and language development and disabilities

2.  Neurobiology of language recovery in aphasia and other neural disorders

3.  Biological bases and neural plasticity of speech and music

4.  Mechanics and molecular genetics of the normal and impaired cochlear

5.  Early conceptual and linguistic development, bilingualism, and specific language impairment

6.  Swallowing and vocal physiology and head and neck cancer

7.  Computational modeling of language learning and language evolution

8.  Speech (second language) and auditory perceptual learning and rehabilitative audiology


The Department and University is equipped with state-of-the-art research and clinical facilities, including MRI scanners, sound-attenuated chambers for adult and infant testing, multidisciplinary clinics in human communication and learning disorders, and equipment for electrophysiology and in-vitro physiology recording, eye-tracking, tissue engineering, optical imaging, super-computing, and genome sequencing and proteomics.


For more information on graduate study, research, and the application process, visit us online:  http://www.communication.northwestern.edu/csd/


If you have questions please contact the graduate coordinator, Cindy Coy at ccoy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx